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Bellacoopia Regional Network

The co-operative enterprise is inter-generational, that it is never truly “owned” by the members working in it, but it belongs to the community where it was created, expanded and perhaps where it prospered. 
This is why we would like the new generations to get to know what co-operatives are so they can discover the social importance and economic value for the region they operate in.

Legacoop Emilia-Romagna promotes projects that accompany students and teachers on a journey to discover a different way of participating in the economy, where the focus of the enterprise is on people and their needs, whether work, consumption, living or user-related.
The portal is also an opportunity for dialogue that we have initiated to connect co-operation with the world of education, to talk about active projects such as Rete Regionale Bellacoopia that unites contests for ideas on co-operation in Emilia-Romagna, but also to collect direct proposals from teachers interested in developing new educational paths.


Youth Employment: The co-operative as a model of ethical enterprise (Paper of Roberta Trovarelli, published inside "Young people, entrepreneurship & non-formal learning: a work in progress”, SALTO)



SeniorCoop is the association of co-operative executive retired managers who voluntarily help co-operatives to start up. The project was promoted by Legacoop Emilia-Romagna to mark a new step towards inter-generational dialogue within the Association and between the people who choose to create an enterprise in the co-operative model. It is a group created based on Legacoop values to exploit and build on a history of co-operative experience and entrepreneurship.

SeniorCoop is a very important piece of the co-operative promotion work by Legacoop Emilia-Romagna, making available the tools for setting up a new co-operative.

SeniorCoop allows those people setting up new co-operatives to be in contact with a consultant network, ready to help with the creation and reinforcement of co-operatives thanks to their extensive experience and the network of relationships built up over time.
The Senior‘s role is not just technical, but also that of transmitting co-operative values and ideals.

Coop.housing project

Coop housing is a project that promotes access to housing related to European Funds for integration approved in 2012 by the Ministry of the Interior and carried out by Legacoop Emilia Romagna in collaboration with housing co-operatives and social co-operatives in the provinces of Ferrara, Bologna, Parma, Modena and Ravenna.

The goal is to bring immigrants to housing co-operatives through initiatives aimed at new citizens and members of housing co-operatives, in order to overcome social and cultural obstacles and share an aware and supportive approach to “living”.
Coop housing provides information, guidance and social mediation with an approach based on accompanying, listening and active involvement of the people.


Organisation and safety in social co-operative activities

The research project "Organisation and safety in social co-operative activities", financed by the Ministry of labour, is dedicated to examining in-depth the special features which characterise social co-operatives in the management and organisation of workers' health and safety, especially in the supply of services for the public sector.

The project goal is to group and share the good practices in the co-operatives organisation and to express, based on those experiences, solutions that can be reproduced by other enterprises at a contractual and organisational level.
The project partners are Legacoop Bologna and CDS, a research centre specialising in socio-economic and territorial analyses.



The AQUA - adoption of quality water use in agro-industry sector - project aims to innovate the production processes of the agri-food business sector to reduce water consumption and waste, in order to demonstrate the feasibility and the potential achievable.

In particular the project has:
• Evaluated the international best practices regarding efficient water management and reuse, analysing and quantifying the benefits in terms of environmental and economic outcomes.
• Defined a water saving kit to spread among companies.
• Engaged the companies of the agri-food sector through involvement in a panel of experts and through actual implementation and testing of the kit in their systems.

These objectives were achieved by implementing innovative forms of collaboration and dialogue between the public and the private sector, i.e.: private-public partnerships, governance tools that promote the best use of the experiences of all subjects involved, for better overall management.


For further information contact:
Roberta Trovarelli | T 051 509771 |
Internationalisation and International Projects Manager