Assemblea dei Delegati

9 marzo 2018 Auditorium Unipol Banca, Via della Costituzione 2, Bologna dalle 9.00 alle 13.30

Alleanza delle Cooperative

Campagna e raccolta firme

XI Congresso Regionale

Mappa dei contenuti della relazione del presidente Giovanni Monti

Giovanni Monti

Presidente Legacoop Emilia Romagna

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what we do

Our activities

Legacoop Emilia Romagna, performs the following roles:

  • it represents the co-operatives in dealings with the authorities, other business organisations and workers’ trade unions;
  • it promotes co-operatives and backs up their establishment and development;
  • it supports partners’ development by providing advice and putting them in contact with tried and trusted technical and economic bodies (Regional Service Network) and finance companies in the co-operative system;
  • it promotes and develops innovation and internationalisation;
  • it propagates the co-operative ethos in schools and universities;
  • it ensures that co-operative principles are respected in the various co-operatives and that the Table of Values is adhered to.

Legacoop Emilia Romagna covers the entire region and all the economic sectors, with a carefully structured network of local and sector-based Legacoop units.



Our organisation

The associative structure of Legacoop is organised at national, regional and territorial level. Each level has an autonomous legal status.

The associative structure is also divided into autonomous Sector Associations, which organise their co-operatives depending on their sector of activity.

Legacoop is a member of the International Co-operative Alliance and Cooperatives Europe, the largest European co-operative representative body set up in November 2006 in Manchester.


To find out more about our sectorial associations, download the file Our sectorial associations