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9 marzo 2018 Auditorium Unipol Banca, Via della Costituzione 2, Bologna dalle 9.00 alle 13.30

Alleanza delle Cooperative

Campagna e raccolta firme

XI Congresso Regionale

Mappa dei contenuti della relazione del presidente Giovanni Monti

Giovanni Monti

Presidente Legacoop Emilia Romagna

lavoro e welfare

sviluppo e promozione


comunità e persone

Work and welfare

The co-operative is a form of business created by people who, instead of competing, decide to collaborate in order to fulfil their own needs within an equal system of “one person, one vote”, where everyone is an owner for a limited time and the goal is not profit.

Over time, co-operation has changed, but that rule has remained the same: these are not abstract concepts, but co-operative enterprise founding principles, even according to the law: if they are not respected, the resulting business cannot be called a co-operative.

At the centre of the co-operative are people and their needs: in some cases they come together for the purpose of work, in other cases, people get together to find a house, to purchase goods or high-level services at more favourable conditions, to guarantee assistance, or for cultural purposes.
The desire to guarantee more welfare lies at the heart of the co-operative.

A specific role is played by social co-operatives which, in addition to being a source of income for their associated workers or for their employees, contribute with quality and skill to the welfare of children, the elderly, people in difficulty and those who need help with social rehabilitation, thanks to their indispensable work in education, care and assistance.



The values of the introduction of the disadvantaged in the Social cooperation of type B in Italy - Speech of Alberto Alberani, Secretary General of ARFIE. Unlocking the potential of the Social Economy for EU growth, Rome 17-18 November 2014.