Joining Legacoop means becoming a part of a big national reality, with a territorial seamless organization, that represents cooperatives, organizations and member companies by promoting their interests.

How to join

The cooperative willing to join Legacoop must submit an application, together with relevant documentation, to the provincial Legacoop of its legal address.

The written application must be submitted with the following documents:

  • The decision of the cooperative’s responsible body to join Legacoop (when not established in the Charter);
  • The incorporation deed and the effective Charter;
  • A statement of the legal representative which proves the absence of legal and administrative proceedings against the cooperative and its managers;
  • The last two financial statements with notes to the financial statements.

The acceptance of the application is decided by Legacoop’s responsible bodies.

Joining Legacoop implies accepting a set of rules and principles highlighted both in the national and the regional Charter.

Before applying we suggest contacting your local promotion department.

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