Legacoop Emilia-Romagna’s vision puts its focus on working in the respect of human dignity with the strong belief to grow and enhance everyone’s ability, by ensuring rights for everyone, starting from young people and women. The cooperatives are enterprises which constantly need to update their tools and methods in order to take care of emerging needs and to redistribute resources. Consequently, innovation and economic development are a driving force for inclusion, general wellbeing and social cohesion, namely the fundamental principles of cooperation.

These are the premises that have fostered the creation of INNOVACOOP, the Legacoop Emilia-Romagna’s company which was born with the aim of supporting the growth and the development of the local member enterprises through the promotion of innovation and internationalization.

Innovacoop assists the cooperatives in growth projects, with the aim of making the best out of the resources and skills available within the enterprise to increase its competitiveness on the market. Innovacoop provides consulting services and all the synergic additional services useful for a qualified technical and operational support.

Supporting activities include:

  • design and implementation of research, development, innovation and technological transfer activities linked to production processes and services provision;
  • development and implementation of business internationalization projects, support and advice for international relations;
  • fostering access to financial and fiscal incentives and to the fruition of development and promotion programs addressed to the Cooperative Movement.
  • fostering initiatives aimed at improving skills and expertise linked to the implementation of innovation, internationalization and, more generally, development projects within the cooperatives.
Progetto Unitario di Fusione per Incorporazione di Associazioni non Lucrative non Riconosciute

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