Equal Opportunities

Raising awareness of the issue of equal opportunities is a central theme for Legacoop Emilia-Romagna, which is essential for creating a balance within the workplace, Legacoop has been committed over the years to ensure that gender equality rates are higher in the occupational state.

The process of valorisation of female capital is a strong point and the foundation of the Equal Opportunities Commission is an example. The Commission takes care of the implementation of the activity plans concerning the recognition of the presence of women in the associated companies throughout the national territory and contributes to the definition of lines of governance in companies and associative structures attentive to the theme of the OPs. The introduction of guidelines that facilitate entry and gender equality in the representative bodies and management bodies, have been the adoption of a Legacoop quality brand for companies engaged in this sense, the creation of networks, virtual and not, with the aim of creating the figures of “equal opportunity policy development agents”.

The steps forward were numerous, and one of the most important was in April 2018 where Legacoop Emilia Romagna committed itself to signing the regional agreement on harassment and violence in the workplace, recognizing the need to enhance the adoption of good practices by employers also for the purpose of recognizing the so-called ethical certifications, as well as the assignment of the GED label (Gender equality and diversity label) provided for by article 30 LR6 / 2014, to guarantee the protection of workers and workers from any direct or indirect form of harassment and violence, thus ensuring a broader vision of the issue of equal opportunities.



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