The Emilia-Romagna’s Regional Committee for housing cooperatives is the organization that represents member cooperatives, their associations and other stakeholders.

It represents, promotes and preserves regional cooperatives in planning their housing activity that allows members to have access both to a freehold house (individual or divided private property cooperatives), and a leasehold house (undivided property cooperatives).

Historically, housing cooperatives represented a reference model and they are now an Emilia-Romagna’s cooperative asset that ensures members the opportunity to have a house at a fair price.

Today, housing cooperatives are engaged in social content projects such as the planning and the building of accommodations for the elderly, students, young families and immigrants. Moreover, they foster bio-construction and bio-architecture practices thereby contributing to enhance the urban environment, respect the natural resources and safeguard the health.

The association promotes an integrated approach in which the house is the core of a network made of services, environment, attention to relationships care and quality. This perspective is fostered by a strong synergy with the cooperation of other sectors, by benefiting of a system of expertise and sharing of cooperative values

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