Legacoop Agroalimentare Nord Italia is the regional structure of the National Association of agri-food cooperatives and represents cooperative enterprises which are active in different agri-food and rural development sectors: production, processing, commercialization of agricultural production, provision of services and technical tools, forestry, fishing, aquaculture.

In the framework of community guidelines aimed at increasing sector competitiveness, the Association is committed to promoting network and supply chain projects to foster the development of the member cooperatives. With the same purpose, the Association studies and suggests all the activities that can foster a healthy and virtuous growth of its member cooperatives: integrations and mergers to reach effective economies of scale; partnerships with the EU agricultural cooperation; internationalization strategies; strategic marketing aimed at the promotion of the quality and the origin of products.

In this regard, the Association makes sure to provide the consumers with certified guarantees on the quality and safety of the products, by monitoring all the supply chain levels – from production to final distribution – with transparency and trackability within the cooperative members system.

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