Established in January 2017 as a new sectorial Association of Legacoop, CulTurMedia aims at promoting and giving voice to those cooperatives that operate in the Cultural Goods and Entertainment sectors, in the different areas of the Tourism sector and in all the areas of Information and Communication.

A sectorial area in Legacoop that answers to the need of valuing, together with the objective and fundamental specificities of each area, the transversal nature of relationships and projects which accompanies the cooperatives with concern to the markets and the different areas.

Culture: creativity; planning, promotion and management of cultural and environmental heritage; restoration and preservation of cultural assets; planning, excavation and promotion of the archaeological Heritage; organization and management of archives and libraries; cinema; audio-visual production; musical production; concerts; theatrical production; management and planning of theatre spaces; dance; entertainment; festivals and cultural projects; promotion and services in the cooperative for technicians, artists and entertainment office workers; arts and video art; culture as social inclusion.

Tourism: responsible tourism; social tourism; tour operating, travel agencies; lodging; events organization; catering; services connected to tourism; tourist guides; cultural paths and itineraries.

Communication: information; printed and digital newspapers; graphics and comics; books publication and distribution; bookshops; radio and tv news; community’s radio and information against organized criminality; advertising, institutional and social communication; multi-platform digital contents; media literacy; formation and training.

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