Production and Services

The market is in constant development and public and private clients are more and more oriented towards comprehensive project solutions, by taking into account structural, social, energetic, logistic and environmental aspects.

The integration between cooperatives and enterprises with different areas of expertise is the way to face the present and future challenges.

These are the reasons that led production and work and services sectors to merge together in a single associative structure, Legacoop Production and Services, which can connect cooperatives from different sectors.

Manufacturing, construction, engineering and planning, which are prevailing activities in production and work, inter-relate with those of people transportation, cargo handling, logistic, commercial and mass catering, environmental health and sanitization, facility management, security, local public transportation, doctors and cultural assets services. These are realities that are represented also by the Consorzio Integra and the Consorzio Nazionale Servizi (Services National Consortium).


Progetto Unitario di Fusione per Incorporazione di Associazioni non Lucrative non Riconosciute

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