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Welcome Coop is the service dedicated to welcoming foreign delegations and study visits participants willing to discover more about the co-operative movement in Emilia-Romagna.

The sustainability of a co-operative is based on the balance of three pillars which are the social, economic and environmental components. These three aspects, and the values linked to them, make the co-operative a special model of enterprise, strongly tied to the territory, the local community and to the environmental protection.

Emilia-Romagna is one of the main regions in Europe for the number of cooperative enterprises. It is recognised on an international level as a successful experience for the cooperative development, with a strong influence on the social and economic growth.

Every year, the regional cooperative movement, meaning the enterprises and their associations, welcomes foreign delegations and takes part in international projects for promoting the cooperative development and the know-how exchange.

The Welcome Coop service was born for this purpose.

Through Welcome Coop, Legacoop Emilia-Romagna designs visit’s programmes and tailored tour to discover and explore the role of the association and the services it provides. It also organizes visit to the local cooperatives.

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Welcome Coop Summer School

In summer, Welcome Coop provides a professional and well-structured training programme called Welcome Coop Summer School.

The offer includes a one week stay in Italy and the opportunity to choose between to different training paths:

Institutional path to foster cooperative development

Management and development of a cooperative enterprise


Welcome Coop Summer School Information document

For further information please contact: info@innovacoop.eu

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