Work and Welfare

Cooperation is one form of enterprise created by people who, rather than competing against each other, chose to work together to answer their needs in an egalitarian system.

Over the time, cooperation evolved, also from a legislative and the cooperative enterprise asset perspective.

The focus of the cooperative enterprise are people and their needs: in some cases, it is the need for job to prevail, in others, working together is the way to guarantee housing, to buy goods and quality services by spending less than the average prices, to guarantee assistance, to spread culture.

The desire is that of providing greater well-being, which is a core value for cooperation.

A peculiar role is played by social cooperatives that, apart from being a source of income for member workers and employees, contribute with quality and expertise to the well-being of children, elderly people, disabled people and those who need support in social reintegration through education, care and assistance.

The “Community Cooperatives” project was born to promote the improvement of a widespread cooperatives network aimed at enhancing local communities by fostering citizens’ autonomy and organization. It is a social innovation model where citizens are both producers and consumers of goods and services. It creates synergy and community cohesion by systematizing the activities of single citizens, enterprises, associations and institutions.

To be considered as such, a Community Cooperative must have the aim to produce benefits for a community and this objective must be pursued through the production of goods and services which can influence in a lasting and stable way the community’s social and economic life.

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