Young People

The cooperative enterprise is intergenerational, it is never really “owned” by the members who work there, but it remains to the community in which it was born, developed and prospered. Legacoop watches over generational replacement within the members ‘ team and spreads the cooperative culture as a form of inclusive and modern democratic enterprise.
We believe it is essential that the new generations know what the cooperatives are and can discover their social value, as well as economic values, for the region in which they operate.

Young people carry within the cooperative world strong and necessary contributions to build a constructive replacement, which increase the value for our businesses, fostering growth and training, supporting talents and promoting merit, working on processes and statutes.

For this reason, Legacoop develops specific actions aimed at young people also to make them understand that work can be created, that they should not go “under master”. They can be the creators of their future while maintaining autonomy and self-entrepreneurship in addition to the advantages of doing together.

Progetto Unitario di Fusione per Incorporazione di Associazioni non Lucrative non Riconosciute

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